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Image of a middle aged woman smiling after her dental implant restoration treatment at South Austin Dental in Austin, TX.

Dental Implant Restoration

Each of your teeth plays an important role, both separately and as a working unit with its surrounding structure. When a tooth is lost there are immediate changes that occur which will continue to negatively impact your health in ways you may not consider.

By rebuilding the tooth root using a dental implant, we are able to restore the missing tooth in a way that is closest to your own natural teeth. Our team at South Austin Dental can help you have a fully restored tooth when one is lost, we can even provide a new mouthful if needed.

Missing teeth is a problem, whether you are missing one, many or all, there are negative changes in your oral and overall health. A missing tooth means changes to how you chew, to what you can chew, causes atrophy through sorption in your jawbone, and leaves room for neighboring teeth to shift in an uncontrolled manner. All of these changes will negatively impact your health and some can even lead to much larger problems.

Some patients will see physical changes in their facial shape, or experience adjustments to their bite or how their jaw hinge works. We can prevent these changes or improve changes that have already occurred by rebuilding the structure from the base.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

A dental implant is not a false tooth, rather it is a false root. New teeth require a way to anchor them in place. Traditional methods like a standard dental bridge utilize neighboring teeth structures to anchor a false tooth between. This restores the tooth, but it’s not a full independent restoration, and it forces the permanent alteration of those supporting teeth. A dental implant is different.

Dental implants are a titanium or ceramic zirconia post that we surgically embed into your jaw. Once healed, it will serve as a solid post in your mouth that we can then use to secure a dental prosthodontic device to. Traditional methods of a hovering false tooth assisted in chewing, but they didn’t solve the problem of bone atrophy. A dental implant reestablishes the connection to the jawbone keeping the bone healthy and robust. Restorations with a dental implant much more closely resemble the natural tooth structure in function.

The benefits of a dental implant restoration includes:
•  Better for your Supporting Bone: The jawbone, like all of our bones, requires the stimulation of movement to stay strong. When a tooth is lost, so is that connection with movement and the bone responds to the loss of motion by shrinking. A dental implant reestablishes that connection helping your bone get the motion it needs to be healthy.
•  Better for your Bite: Our bite is important to our oral health. It’s the function of our teeth for chewing, talking and breathing. A bad bite, or malocclusion, can be problematic. We can prevent changes to our bite by restoring missing teeth.
•  Better for your Health: Our mouths are used constantly throughout each day, whether we are chewing, talking or breathing. Our teeth play a role in all of these functions. Missing teeth causes a disruption affecting our oral and overall health.

Our team at South Austin Dental can evaluate your needs and discuss a treatment plan that is right for you, it may include rebuilding missing teeth with a dental implant. Contact our office today for more information. (512) 441-8922


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Our team at South Austin Dental can help you have a fully restored tooth when one is lost. Learn more about dental implant restorations here!
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