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Tooth Loss
Austin, TX

Woman experiencing tooth loss at South Austin Dental.The loss of a tooth, even just one, can cause significant issues in your mouth. We can prevent those issues and work to prevent further tooth loss through restoration. Working with our staff at South Austin Dental, we can help you have a healthy, beautiful smile.

Tooth loss can occur due to a number of reasons, including disease, or trauma from blunt force such as a fall, crash or sports. Whatever the reason, restoration is important. In the past, missing teeth was so common that it was even expected. Some patients will even tell us that they thought a missing tooth can be positive to alleviate overcrowding. Today, we have more information and data to support retaining a full set of teeth when possible. This is because all of the pieces of your mouth work together for balance and health.

What happens when I lose a tooth?

When children lose a tooth, we celebrate their advancement towards getting closer to adulthood. We tell them stories of fairies who collect teeth, and even provide a trinket as a reward. When an adult loses a tooth, it is best for action to take place to restore the missing tooth unless directed and in the controlled care of an orthodontist. A missing tooth causes an imbalance in your mouth, meaning:
•  Imbalanced Chewing: When a person loses a tooth, they immediately respond by primarily chewing on the other side of their mouth. This imbalance means additional wear to one side and often changes to their diet to accommodate.
•  Atrophy of the Jawbone: Our bone requires exercise to stay healthy, all of our bone, including our jawbone. Our jaw receives exercise from the movement of chewing and the fleeting touches of teeth together. A missing tooth and root means that spot is no longer receiving that stimulation the bone needs to stay robust, so the bone will atrophy in that spot. This may not be noticeable with the loss of one tooth, but following the loss of two or more, and you may see changes to your facial shape.
•  Movement of Neighboring Teeth: When an orthodontist removes a tooth to alleviate overcrowding, they create a controlled plan to move the neighboring teeth. When a person loses a tooth, the neighboring teeth have room to move in an uncontrolled fashion, and they have no reason to move in just the way you want them to. This can cause changes in your jaw ability to open and close properly, known as TMJ dysfunction.

Restoring Missing Teeth

We can evaluate and discuss restoration options with you for restoring missing teeth. We can discuss the attributes of restoration with varying prosthetics including a dental bridge, partial denture and full denture. We can also discuss options to permanently restore the prosthetic in place with a dental implant. Dental implants are used to restore the root of a missing tooth, allowing us to not just replace a tooth, but rebuild it.

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Working with our staff at South Austin Dental, we are here to help with tooth loss. We can assist you with achieving a healthy and beautiful smile. Click to learn more.
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