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Image of tooth decay at South Austin Dental in South Austin.There is a constant battle in our mouth, the battle of disease. Much of our body is covered in a protective layer of skin, with only a few areas that are vulnerable to outside germs, our mouth being one of them. In fact, our mouths are exposed to the most amount of germs, which can cause decay if not removed.

At South Austin Dental, we strive to not only remove decay causing bacteria and restore damaged teeth, but also to educate our patients with tips and guidance to having a healthier mouth. Together, we can help you continue to win the battle against bacteria.

Unfortunately, the battle against tooth decay is a constant one. Decay is something that we need to consider every day through diligent tooth brushing, flossing and even the foods we consume.

Decay causing bacteria can enter our mouths from the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the people we kiss, or even from engaging in conversations with others. Decay causing bacteria is everywhere. So, how do we battle it?

You can fight bacteria through steps including:
•  Drinking Water: Simply drinking water can help in the fight of keeping your teeth healthy. As we drink, we wash away loose food particles, and remove loose sugars, and wash away bacteria that is not stuck between teeth and in crevices.
•  Be Aware of Saliva Levels: Saliva is a great natural tool that we have to help keep our mouths clean. It removes particles and bacteria through constant swallowing. Some patients may find that they have decreased saliva present in their mouths. This can be due to a medication they are taking, from smoking cigarettes or marijuana, from consuming alcohol, or due to other health issues. We are happy to discuss ways to increase saliva production and help you have a cleaner mouth.
•  Brushing and Flossing: The most important step you can take in the battle of tooth decay is daily brushing and flossing your teeth. There are some steps you can take to improve your technique and increase your health. We may discuss the angle of the brush, replacing the brush head, using a rotary brush, how long you should brush, different ways to floss and proper flossing techniques. The goal is to remove food particles, plaque, and bacteria.

What happens if decay is found?

Decay occurs when bacteria feeds on the sugars present in your mouth, often in the plaque blend found along the gumline and in crevices of molars. During your cleaning appointment and dental exam, we will look for areas of decay and determine the amount of damage that has occurred. This is often referred to as a cavity; we refer to them as caries.

Either way, bacteria has caused damage to the enamel of a tooth, or in some cases has advanced beyond the enamel into the dentin layer or even into the inner pulp. We want to remove the bacteria that is causing the issue, clean the area, and then restore the tooth. Small cavities can be filled with composite filling, while larger dental fillings may require a dental crown, an inlay or an onlay. We can discuss your options prior to treatment.

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