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Preventive Dentistry
Austin, TX

At South Austin Dental, we pride ourselves on treating every member of the family. Family dentistry is focused on preventing potential complications, rather than treating them. If you and your family are in need of professional dental services, we can help!

Professional Cleanings with EMS AIRFLOW

Professional cleanings performed by a certified dentist or hygienist are just as important to your dental health as daily brushing and flossing. We will use the Swiss-Made EMS AIRFLOW for a Guided Biofilm Therapy Removal during your appointment.

How Does EMS AIRFLOW and a Guided Biofilm Therapy Treatment Work?

Did you know that an estimated 1mm of dental plaque contains more than 200 million bacteria? If not treated, the bacteria can multiply and develop a biofilm. Biofilm is a cluster of bacteria that can produce gum disease, tooth decay and compromise your body’s immune defenses. This new technology, known as the AIRFLOW cleaning device, combines air, warmed water, and a very fine, antibacterial powder to effectively and efficiently remove soft plaque and bacteria from your teeth.
When using the AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master device, your dental hygienist will place a colored dye onto your teeth to expose any biofilm present in your mouth. This tool can help to encourage more thorough oral hygiene. That’s because it shows you the areas in your mouth that you need to spend more time cleaning at home. Next, your dental hygienist will use the AIRFLOW to remove the biofilm highlighted by the colored dye. We are also able to comfortably remove those stubborn stains you may have from drinking coffee, tea, etc.
In addition to erasing stains, AIRFLOW can be used for various types of treatment. These include cleaning orthodontic brackets and dentures. The AIRFLOW also works great around implants which helps to reduce the loss of implants.
If your teeth are covered with hard calculus, we may also need to use an ultrasonic and/or hand instruments on your teeth. However, thanks to the AIRFLOW being used prior it can minimize the amount of time in which an ultrasonic or hand instruments are required.
The EMS Airflow is completely changing the way we practice routine dental hygiene, and the technology will undoubtedly be a necessary part of every dental practice in the future.
Follow the link below to see the AIRFLOW in action:
Come experience the EMS Airflow for yourself!


Regular examinations help detect and prevent health issues before they become serious. Consistent dental check-ups help catch problems when they are small and easier to treat. Left unattended, small treatable problems become worse and may require more extensive, expensive procedures to repair.
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Oral Cancer Screening

Cancer can be very serious, and you should take no risks. The professionals at South Austin Dental can perform oral cancer checks to make sure you are safe. The goal of performing oral cancer screening examinations is the early detection of oral cancer. This helps maximize the likelihood of good treatment outcomes and helps prevent cancer by educating the patient and initiating lifestyle changes that reduce oral cancer risks.

Dentistry for Kids

Professional dental care is a crucial part of your child's oral health. Be sure to schedule your child's first appointment by the time their first teeth erupt, or before their first birthday. Scheduling regular appointments allows us to monitor the development of their oral health. Developmental problems are easier to treat in the beginning stages.

As your child grows older, we can establish a strong foundation for their oral health, one that will ensure a lifetime of healthy, beautiful teeth.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is used to strengthen the enamel of our teeth. Though our teeth feel flat and hard to us, if you were to look at enamel under a microscope you can see that it is composed of mashed together mineral fragments. As we use our teeth they lose bits of minerals, and are therefore always rebuilding. Our teeth get the minerals needed through foods and drinks we consume. Fluoride in our toothpastes, or other added treatments can assist our teeth in this rebuilding and provide them the resources to be healthier and stronger. At South Austin Dental, we may offer a fluoride rinse, varnish or treatment to boost this enamel rebuilding if we notice spots of enamel that are thin or could use a boost.

Periodontal Care

Your periodontal (gum) tissues are just as important as your teeth. Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States. Periodontal disease is the result of an infection in the gum tissues, connective ligaments, and eventually the alveolar bone.

The disease is characterized by gums that are swollen, red, and tend to bleed during brushing and flossing. Luckily, periodontal disease is easy to prevent and treat if it is caught early enough. If we notice signs of advanced periodontal disease, we may recommend a scaling and root planing procedure. The goal is to return your gums to a pink, healthy state.

Periodontal Maintenance

Unfortunately, there is only so much prevention we can do, and sometimes, even with the most cautious care, some issues are bound to arise. That is when periodontal disease effects such as bleeding gums, gum “pockets,” bone loss, and exposed root surfaces appear. Periodontal maintenance is needed when periodontal diseases arise. Additionally, any rough areas on the roots can be smoothed if necessary, gum pocket depths can be monitored properly, and any gum pockets that are inflamed can be irrigated using antibacterial medicines if the need arises.

Sleep Apnea and Oral Appliance Therapy

If you have obstructive sleep apnea, you may benefit from an oral appliance. An oral appliance will keep your jaw in the proper position during sleep. This opens your airway and improves your breathing during sleep. With an oral appliance, you may find yourself feeling more well-rested, alert and happy, thanks to a full night's sleep.
Learn more about how an oral appliance could improve your sleep.

Sports Mouth Guards

If you participate in physical activities that put you at risk for dental trauma or injury, we strongly recommend a sports mouthguard. A mouthguard will protect your teeth and prevent dental emergencies.

Nighttime Mouth Guards for Bruxism

If you suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding), we may also recommend a night guard. Many patients with bruxism tend to grind their teeth during sleep. A night guard acts as a barrier that prevents enamel wear.
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Dental Sealants

Close up image of a baby girl smiling after visiting South Austin Dental in Austin, TXSealants are generally used to help prevent tooth decay on the biting surfaces of back teeth (molars). The natural grooves of these teeth can trap food that can resist casual brushing and rinsing. If left in place, the trapped food allows bacteria to multiply, eventually causing tooth decay and requiring costly attention.

Sealants are painted directly onto the tooth where they seal the natural grooves to help prevent tooth decay. While sealants are durable, they are not permanent. They can last up to 5 years of normal wear before needing replacement.

Sealants offer a cost-effective, preventative step to reduce the chances of tooth decay on the chewing surfaces of molars. However, they do not replace the need for regular brushing and flossing.


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