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Chipped Teeth
Dentist South Austin

Image of a young woman in pain due to a chipped teeth at South Austin Dental.Teeth have a hard outer layer of enamel, which is the strongest material in our body, even still, teeth can easily become chipped. Depending on how much is chipped, and its location, chips can be unsightly, sharp on your tongue or even painful if dentin is exposed. Our team at South Austin Dental can cover the chips and restore the look and shape of your teeth faster and easier than you think. We invite you to learn your options and see how we can help you.

For some patients, chipping a tooth could be a dental emergency, especially if they are in pain or if the chipped portion is a significant size. For most, chipping a tooth is not necessarily a dental emergency, but you will want to be seen as we don’t want bacteria to find passage inside your tooth.

How Did My Tooth Become Chipped?

A tooth can chip for a variety of reasons, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have weak teeth or health concerns. Some of the most common reasons for chipped teeth include:
•  Biting Down on Hard Items: Whether you are chewing on ice, biting on pencils or pens, or any other non-food item, it can damage your teeth.
•  Sports and Other Activities: Mouth related injuries is the number one most reported injury in sports and other outdoor activities. Teeth can become chipped, broken, or even entirely knocked out. Anyone engaging in sports and activities should consider wearing a specialized mouthguard known as a sports guard to protect their teeth.
•  Bruxism: Bruxism is an often temporary, but potentially disastrous condition of clenching or gnashing your teeth subconsciously, most often while you sleep. In general, bruxism is associated with periods of stress, but the damage, including chipping of teeth, can be painful and expensive. If this is a condition that you are aware of, even for just brief moments, we can customize a specialized mouthguard known as a night guard, to wear while you sleep.
•  Falls, Bumps, and More: Some tooth injuries we just can’t plan for or prevent. If you chip your tooth, or multiple teeth, we can help.

Restoring Chipped Teeth

Depending on the severity and placement of the chip, you may have options for restoration. We can discuss possibilities including:
•  Dental Bonding: Dental bonding is completed in just one office visit. We use composite filler to fill in the chip and then shape, cure and polish it for a perfect look. Bonding is typically used for only small chips, and minor problem areas. It can be applied to any tooth.
•  Dental Veneer: A dental veneer is a thin porcelain shell that we customize to fit the face of your tooth. It will cover the chip and perfect the look of the face of the tooth. Veneers can be used on only your most visible front teeth.
•  Dental Crown: Dental crowns are the most permanent of the options available. It is a fully encasing shell customized to fit your tooth and mouth. Dental crowns can be applied to any of your teeth and will offer the patient the best option in strength and durability.

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Our team at South Austin Dental can cover chipped teeth and restore the look and shape faster and easier than you think. Click here to learn more.
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